Best Romantic Korean dramas that are must-watch. [2022]

Are you a fan of Korean Romance dramas? Let's take a look at the top 10 romantic Korean dramas that are must-watch with Where to watch - Streaming Platform.

Korean Drama

Almost every Korean drama contains a love story, but which are the top romantic Korean dramas of all time? This list of romantic Korean dramas contains love triangles, unrequited love, and, of course, tragedy. It includes historical dramas, medical shows, and some of the saddest Korean dramas ever.

Korean dramas have gained huge popularity in recent years. From Korean pop music to crushing on the stars, audiences are now obsessed with the cute behaviors shown in these shows. Their hand gestures and love language have entered every young fan's mouth.

The popularity of Korean dramas can also be related to their lighthearted storylines, eye-catching cinematography, and fun and comforting situations. 

They appear to have achieved a perfect blend of mush and sensitivity. Crash Landing On You dealt with themes like tensions between South Korea and North Korea while also telling a beautiful love story. Descendants of the Sun, on the other hand, show how hard it is to overcome.

Let's have a look at the top 10 romantic Korean dramas that are must-watch on Streaming Platform

My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021):

Lee Dam is a typical university student, whereas Shin Woo-yeo is a 999-year-old gumiho, a nine-tailed creature from Korean history. Woo-yeo wants to become human, but he must first complete a mission before he may live as one. He must ensure that his bead acquires enough "human energy" to transform its color from red to blue.

His plan to become a human is going smoothly until he meets Lee Dam. She accidentally swallows Woo-bead yeo's one day. This forces them to live together until they can figure out how to securely retrieve the bead.

They have one year to get the bead out of Lee Dam's body. If they do not retrieve it within the specified time frame, the bead will disintegrate and eventually kill her. Available on Netflix.

Main Cast:

  • Jang Ki-yong as Shin Woo-yeo
  • Lee Hye-ri as Lee Dam
  • Kim Do-wan as Do Jae-jin
  • Kang Han-na as Yang Hye-sun

Doom At Your Service (IMDb 8):

Dong-Kyung remained positive and attentive despite her parents' tragic death and having to support her younger brother. Her optimistic attitude toward life is eventually dashed when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Dong-Kyung is heartbroken since she only has 100 days to live. She makes a wish on shooting stars while wondering how she should spend her final days. 

She had no idea that an eternal entity, Myul Mang, will appear on her doorstep to grant her wish for the world to end before she dies. Available on Viki.

Main Cast:

  • Park Bo-young 
  • Seo In-guk
  • Lee Soo-hyuk 
  • Kang Tae-oh 
  • Shin Do-hyun 

Goblin (IMDb 8.6): 

Gong Yoo, with his renowned acting skills and attractive physique, is one Korean actor who has stood the test of time. In addition to appearing in Train to Busan, the highest-grossing Korean film of 2016, he closed the year with Goblin, another memorable drama. 

Kim Shin, a well-respected Goryeo dynasty general, is accused of treason and executed in this drama. To atone for the number of individuals he has killed on the battlefield, the Almighty cursed him with immortality, causing him to suffer the misery of seeing his loved ones leave his side again and time again. 

The only way to break the curse is for his destined wife, Ji Eun-Tak, to take the sword into his chest. But they realize that they must do more to ensure a happily ever after. Available on Amazon.

Main Cast:

  • Gong Yoo as Goblin (Kim Shin)
  • Kim Go-eun as Ji Eun-tak
  • Lee Dong-Wook as Grim Reaper (Wang Yeo)
  • Yoo In-na as Sunny (Kim Sun)
  • Yook Sung-jae as Yoo Deok-hwa

While You Were Sleeping (IMDb 8.3): 

Those who like suspense and action and the lovey-dovey sequences found in romantic Korean dramas might watch While You Were Sleeping. Nam Hong-Joo has visions of people dying, but she has no idea when these deaths will occur. 

While she goes out of her way to help these people, such as telling a man not to smoke because she had a dream about his dropping a lighter onto gasoline and dying, she rarely succeeds. Meanwhile, her new neighbor is rookie prosecutor Jung Jae-chan.

A sequence of events unfolds, leading to them working together on future cases. However, keep an eye out for their unintentional romantic chemistry. Available on Hulu.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Jong-suk as Jung Jae-chan
  • Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-joo

Descendants of the Sun ( IMDb 8.3): 

An wounded soldier meets and falls in love with a surgeon. However, due to their opposite ideals, the two are hesitant to be with each other.

Descendants of the Sun is the narrative. DOTS, starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo, became extremely popular because of the lead duo's hot chemistry. Descendants of the Sun's 16 episodes are all available to stream on Netflix.

Main cast:

  • Song Joong-ki
  • Song Hye-kyo
  • Jin Goo
  • Kim Ji-won

It's Okay to Not Be Okay ( IMDb 8.6):

It's Okay to Be Not Okay is a lovely romance Korean drama starring Kim Soo-Hyun, Seo Ye-ji, and Oh Jung-Se.

While many people claimed to have fallen in love with the show due to Gang-tae and Ms. Ko's push-and-pull dynamic, others felt that the two leading couples were just a sight to behold. Netflix has all 16 episodes of It's Okay to Not Be Okay accessible to watch online.

Main Cast:

  • Seo Yea-ji
  • Kim Soo-hyun
  • Park Gyu-young
  • Oh Jung-se
  • Kwak Dong-yeon
  • Kim Joo-hun

Romance Is a Bonus Book (IMDb 8):

This is similar to Younger but better. Dani took time away from her successful career to raise a child, and now she's divorced and unable to find work. 

She creates fake qualifications (claiming she has fewer than she has) to obtain a support position at the publishing firm where her best friend, Eun-ho, works. 

She also ends up living with him, so there's a lot of forced-proximity awesomeness as their relationship develops. Available on Netflix.

Main Cast

  • Lee Jong-suk
  • Lee Na-young
  • Wi Ha-joon
  • Park Gyu-young
  • Kim Sun-Young

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (IMDb 8.4 ): 

Kim Bok-Joo, a collegiate weightlifter, and Jung Joon-Hyung, a collegiate swimmer, were childhood buddies, but neither recognized the other when they met again at Haneul Sport University. However, after a few mishaps and misunderstandings, the couple reunites and falls in love. 

While most Korean dramas include actors and actresses who adhere to strict K-beauty standards, this drama seeks to break such norms. Lee Sung-Kyung plays a bulky weightlifter who proves she's worthy of love instead of the normal slim body and sharp jawline. Available on Netflix.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Sung-kyung 
  • Nam Joo-hyuk 

The King’s Affection ( IMDb 8 ):

When the Crown Prince discovers that his wife is expecting twins, he is heartbroken because they are a curse to the royal dynasty. The Crown Prince orders the twin girl's death while saving the twin male. When she hears the command, the Crown Prince's wife successfully dreams up a secret scheme to save her daughter.

Lee Hwi, the twin boy, grows ill and dies a few years later. The twin girl takes his role to conceal the truth about his death. She is raised as Prince Lee Hwi, and she is committed to keeping her true identity hidden from the public. Available on Netflix.

Main Cast:

  • Park Eun-bin 
  • Ro Woon 
  • Nam Yoon-su 
  • Choi Byung-chan 
  • Bae Yoon-kyung 

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (IMDb 8.7):

If you've ever wondered why fans were thrilled when Lee Joon-gi made a special cameo in Hotel Del Luna, it's because Joon-gi and IU's love dates back to 2016 when they co-starred in this drama.

When a total solar eclipse occurs in the present, Go Ha-jin is taken to the Goryeo era and assumes the identity of Hae Soo. Unlike the 4th prince Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), everyone who fears, the 8th prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul) is gentle and caring, which explains why Hae Soo falls in love with him at first.

 As the story progressed, Hae Soo changes her mind and finds herself caught in the crossfire. Available on Netflix.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Joon-gi
  • Lee Ji-eun (IU)
  • Kang Ha-neul

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