Raul Rosas Jr: Mom & Dad Signed My Contract to fight in UFC. (Biography)

This week, a 17-year-old fighter made news when he signed his first contract with the UFC. Raul Rosas Jr secured his place in the Contender Series by defeating 25-year-old Mando Gutierrez earlier this week.

In the aftermath of the fight, the teen declared, "I will become the youngest UFC champion."
Rosas Jr. is the youngest fighter to sign with the UFC; the previous youngest was Chase Hooper, who was 19 when he signed the contract.

Many fans and pundits are impressed, although not surprised, by Rosas Jr's rapid rise up the ranks. However, in an interview with TMZ, the boy said that he was not surprised and that he had to hand over the contract to his parents.

The story of his journey to success is pretty incredible, so it's worth a read!

Raul Rosas Jr

Who is Raul Rosas Jr

Raul Rosas Jr is an MMA and UFC fighter from Mexico. Raul Rosas Jr is a well-known MMA fighter who holds the title of Youngest MMA Champion. Raul Rosas Jr gained recognition on September 20, 2022, when he defeated his opponent, fighter Gutierrez, in an MMA match.  He signed with the UFC on September 2nd and now become an official UFC fighter, and he is the youngest MMA and UFC fighter at the age of 17 as of 2022.

When he first entered the MMA scene, most people were not aware of him. At the time, he was just a 17-year-old kid with a dream to fight and make a name for himself. He had no professional fights under his belt, but that didn't stop him from fighting in the UFC at such a young age. His parents signed the contract for him because he was too young to be able to do it himself.

Personal Details:

Nick Name Raul
Popular Name UFC Raul Rosas Jr
Date of birth 8 October 2005
Height 6 Ft
Weight 61 KG
Currently Living Santa Rosa, USA
Birth Place Mexico
Hobbies Sports Activities

Raul Fight History:

Sep 20, 2022 Mando Gutierrez
Decision - Unanimous
3 5:00 Dana White's Contender Series: Season 6, Week 9
Jun 23, 2022 Andres Portocarrero
1 2:11 UWC Mexico 35: Luna vs. Campos
May 26, 2022 Jose Guadalupe Penaloza
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
2 2:35 UWC Mexico 34: Carvalho vs. Camilo
Apr 28, 2022 Francisco Villanueva
Submission (Armbar)
1 2:07 UWC Mexico 33: Sabori vs. Rodriguez
Mar 24, 2022 Joel Pena
Submission (Armbar)
1 0:54 UWC Mexico 32: Sanchez vs. Valencia
Nov 26, 2021 Eduardo Velazquez
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
1 0:54 UWC Mexico 30: Leyva vs. Galera


Raul Rosas Jr Disease:

Pallister-W syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by unusual facial features such as a cleft palate and upper lip, a broad flat nose, widely separated slanted eyes, or down-slanting eyelid folds.

If a person was exposed to alcohol before birth, a group of illnesses known as foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) can emerge. This could be due to the mother's alcoholism during her pregnancy.

Raul is one of approximately 2000 kids born in the United States with cleft lip and palate. If the tissue that forms the lip does not completely fuse before birth, a cleft lip will develop.

Raul Rosas Jr.'s face appears slightly different since he has a cleft lip and his upper lip is smaller than his lower lip. Having an uncommon bodily feature is challenging since everyone questions your appearance, which can be difficult to answer.

Rosas is one of the superstars that have gained popularity as a result of their physical beauty. He has a cleft lip, which has drawn the attention of thousands of people.

Raul Rosas Jr Net Worth:

Raul Rosas' net worth is reported to be at $500,000. He earned a large sum of money by himself at a young age and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Many people are fooled by his appearance since he appears to be a lovely and decent guy, but when he steps into the ring, he fights like a beast.



From a young age, Raul Rosas Jr. knew he wanted to be a fighter. His parents were supportive of his dream and even signed his first contract when he was just eighteen years old. Since then, Raul has gone on to achieve great things in the UFC, including winning the lightweight title. He is currently ranked as the number one lightweight fighter in the world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed learning more about Raul Rosas Jr.'s inspiring story!


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