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Conor Burns, a British politician, was fired as a junior trade minister on Friday and suspended from the parliamentary Conservative Party after a "report of serious misconduct" at the party's annual conference this week.  Here in this article, we will discuss Conor Burns's Biography

"The Prime Minister has requested Conor Burns MP to leave the ministry with immediate effect following a complaint of severe misconduct," a representative for Truss' Downing Street office stated.


Conor Burns Biography
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Conor Burns Biography

Conor Burns is a minister from the United Kingdom who was born on September 24, 1972. He has been the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West since 2010. He was a Conservative Party member who served as Minister of State for Trade Policy from 2019 to 2020 and again from 2022 to 2022. He served as Minister of State for Northern Ireland from 2021 to 2022.

Burns was born in Belfast and went to Hertfordshire when he was eight years old. He worked in finance and communications until being elected as the MP for Bournemouth West in 2010. He served as Owen Paterson's Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) from 2010 to 2012 when he resigned because of disagreements with the House of Lords Reform Bill 2012.

He served as a PPS to Boris Johnson, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He resigned from that role in 2018 because he wanted to discuss other aspects of the policy more openly. After Johnson became Prime Minister, Burns became Minister of State for Trade Policy.

He resigned in 2020 when the Commons Select Committee on Standards discovered that, during a financial dispute involving his father, he threatened to use parliamentary privilege to intimidate a member of the public for the benefit of his family.

Burns was elected Minister of State for Northern Ireland amid a cabinet reshuffle in 2021. He returned to his role as Minister of State for Trade Policy after Liz Truss became Prime Minister in September 2022. The following month, Truss sacked Burns after the whip was placed on leave due to a serious misconduct claim when Burns was attending the 2022 Conservative Party Conference.


Name Conor Burns
Born place Belfast, Northern Ireland 
Birth Day 24 September
Birth Country United Kindom
Zodiac sign Libra
occupation Politician
Famous for Politician
Age  50
Nationality British
known for  Politician


His Early life and Career 

Burns was born in Belfast on September 24, 1972. He and his family moved to Hertfordshire in 1980. He went To st. Columba's College in St. Albans before entering the University of Southampton to study Modern History and Politics.

While in college, he was the president of the Southampton University Conservative Association from 1992 to 1993 and the president of the Wessex Area Conservatives from 1993 to 1994.

He worked as the director of the Policy Research Centre for Business Ltd, the company secretary for DeHavilland Global Knowledge Distribution Ltd, the manager for Zurich Advice Network, and the associate director of the public affairs firm PLMR.


His Personal life

Before voting for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, Burns stated that he sought "ironclad guarantees" that religious organizations wouldn't be forced to perform same-sex marriages. Burns voted in favor of the bill on its second reading but not on its third and final reading.

He says he can't take communion as a practicing Roman Catholic because Bishop Philip Egan of the diocese where Burns lives said politicians who voted for same-sex marriage, even with the conditions Burns insisted on (i.e. "guarantees that... churches would not be forced under human rights legislation to conduct such ceremonies"), should not take the sacrament.

Burns was a friend of Margaret Thatcher in her latter years, and he spoke at a House of Commons debate after her death on April 10, 2013.

Burns enjoys playing snooker. He used to be the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Snooker Group.


His Early Political Career

Burns contested as a Conservative for Southampton City Council's Peartree ward in 1994 and the Woolston ward in 1995, but he was defeated both times. He stood unsuccessfully for the Conservatives in the Peartree ward in 1996.

He was elected to the St. Luke's ward in 1999. He has headed the Conservative Group since 2001. However, the entire council had to run for re-election in May 2002, and Burns lost in the Bassett ward. He was no longer a member of the council.

In the 2001 general election, he contested as a Conservative Party candidate for Eastleigh, but he did not win. He ran unsuccessfully for Hedge End Town Council in Eastleigh, England, in 2005. He ran again as the Conservative Party's candidate for the Eastleigh constituency in the 2005 general election, but he lost.

Prior to the 2010 election, he was vice president of the Young Britons' Foundation, an Anglo-American association that educated and trained conservatives. The Young Britons' Foundation then presented him with the Golden Dolphin award "for his consistent support of the Young Britons' Foundation since its establishment in 2003."


Conor Burns's Net Worth

Conor Burns has an estimated net worth of $5.00 million from his career as a politician. Popularly recognized as the United Kingdom's Politician. He is regarded as one of history's most successful politicians. Conor Burns's net worth and primary source of income are as a successful British politician.


His Parliamentary career

Burns was on the A-List of candidates, and he was selected to represent the Conservative Party in Bournemouth West in September 2008. He was elected to the position in the general election in 2010.

Hugo Swire, the Northern Ireland secretary of state, appointed Burns as his Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in 2010. He had previously served on the Education Select Committee for a short time.

On July 10, 2012, he resigned as Principal Private Secretary to Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, in order to vote against the House of Lords Reform Bill, which he has consistently opposed. In Parliament, he has also served on the Administration Committee and the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee.

He voted neither for nor against sending troops to Libya in 2011.

Burns informed the Charity Commission in 2014 that an Oxfam tweet was "very clearly political." Later, he remarked that a statement from the Church of England's bishops encouraging Christians to vote in the 2015 election was "naive" and "wrong in terms of facts."

He is the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Bahrain and has written extensively supporting the Kingdom's human rights record.

He visited Bahrain on free travel during large-scale pro-democracy protests that were eventually suppressed.

In August 2017, he claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked because it had sent a series of angry messages to Michel Barnier's account, wondering how the UK's Brexit cost was calculated lawfully.

Burns resigned from his position as personal assistant to Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, on July 9, 2018, in order to speak more freely about other policy matters.

Johnson appointed Burns to manage trade between the United Kingdom and Canada on August 23, 2021. On September 16, Burns was named Minister of State for Northern Ireland during Johnson's second cabinet shift.

Burns defended Johnson over a rumored surprise birthday party on June 19, 2020, in an interview with Channel 4 News on January 25, 2022, during the Westminster lockdown parties incident. Johnson, according to Burns, was "ambushed with a cake" rather than invited to the celebration. Burns' remarks were mocked in a variety of online memes.

After Liz Truss was appointed Prime Minister, Burns was returned as Minister of State for Trade Policy. He was sacked on October 7 after being accused of major wrongdoing while attending the 2022 Conservative Party Conference, which resulted in the whip being removed. He was also removed from the list of Conservatives who support LGBT+ individuals.



Conor Burns is a remarkable young man who has overcome a great deal in his life. He has shown immense strength and resilience in the face of adversity, and it is clear that he is destined for great things. His story is an inspiration to us all, and we are sure that he will continue to achieve great things in the years to come. As we have already discussed Conor Burns's Biography.


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